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Ear Infection Home Remedies

Many of us will at one time or another have suffered from ear infections whether it be ear infections in children or ear infections in adults, and so it is probably useful to look at a variety of ear infection home remedies.

For anybody that has had an ear infection you will know that they can be very painful and extremely debilitating. If at the end of the day the ear infection turns out to be serious then seeking a medical solution to the problem may be all that there is left for you to do.

However, there are many ear infection home remedies that can be followed to help you in fighting off your ear infection.

There are three main sections to the ear and they are split up into a complicated system. There are two main categories of ear infections.

Firstly there is Otitis Media which is a middle ear infection which will obviously affect the middle ear and is mostly found in younger people and is associated with growing and there is also an infection called Otitis Externa which as you can tell from it’s name affects the outer ear. The good news is that neither Otitis Media or Otitis Externa are considered to be contagious.

The Eustachian tube is affected by Otitis Media which causes swelling and this problem generally develops as a consequence of getting a heavy cold or from contracting other infections that affect the ear, nose and throat areas. An infection in the ear canal is known as Otitis Externa and this is generally caused by an accumulation of water in the ear canal or to an excess of moisture build up in the ear.

The common name for such a condition is Swimmers Ear infection. Infections and bacteria thrive in warm moist conditions and therefore the ear canal makes an excellent breeding ground.

There is a thin protective layer of skin that covers the ear canal and if this gets damaged, perhaps by using a cotton ear bud with too much force, then infection can set in. Ear infections may need medical treatment however there are many a home remedy that can be employed in fighting off ear infections and relieving ear pain.

The History Of Ear Infection Home Remedies

I am required to give you the following warning and the following ear infection home remedy suggestions are for information purposes and do not substitute the need for proper medical supervision.

Hundreds of years ago there were no antibiotics and nature was used to fight pain and disease. Humans have harnessed nature’s resources to overcome infection since the beginning of time and there are now many people who believe that it is better to fight infection using natural substances before turning to modern day alternatives. One of the oldest home remedies to fight ear infections has been the oil produced when crushing the cloves from garlic bulbs.

The antibacterial properties of garlic are well documented and can assist in destroying negative bacteria in the ear canal and as a consequence fighting off infection. The home remedy is to gently heat the garlic oil until just warm and then a few drops can be put into the ear by way of a gently squeezing a pipette.

Colloidal silver which is a liquid suspension of microscopic silver particles and has been in vogue since the 1990s can be used to treat the ear infection as it is purported to have both antiseptic and antibacterial properties. People with ear infections have given feedback that pain was reduced and the infection brought under control faster when using either garlic oil or colloidal silver preparations.

In Ancient Greece, Hippocrates the academic and scientist, reported that silver had beneficial healing and anti disease properties. Hippocrates who was born around 500 years before Christ is believed to have been the author of the Hippocratic Oath which all Doctors have to swear that they will practice medicine ethically upon qualifying in the medical profession.

Ear Infection Home Remedies: The Benefits Of Eating Liquorice

A very pleasant way of combating ear infections is to chew on liquorice bark. Liquorice has been used as a decongestant for years and by de-congesting the air ways this leads to a reduction in the amount of moisture present in the ear which reduces the capability of the bacteria to multiply. An additional benefit of chewing liquorice is that the chewing action articulates the jaw which in turn stops the ear canal from staying stiff.Ear Infection Home Remedies Liquorice Plant

Heat is another natural home remedy that can be applied to the ear area. The warm sensation of applying a warm compress to the ear not only feels good but also increases blood flow which an help to reduce pain and fight the ear infection.

As previously stated warmth feels good and a very effective way of applying heat is by using a heated pad and applying that to the ear whilst laying on ones side. Something that can be bought from the local health food store or alternative medicine shop is a rice or barley pad. This can be warmed up in the microwave oven and is an effective alternative to an electric heat pad.

You can even make your own barley pad by filling a woollen sock with barley or rice and then tying up the end before heating it in the microwave.

Turning back to the onion family for the moment, some people maintain that any member of the onion family will suffice as an alternative yo garlic oil. But personally I believe garlic is best because of the ease with which you can extract the garlic oil and the strength and pungency of the oil when heated up is better than less strong onions.

However I do know of  folk that swear by the method of chopping up onions and placing them in a bag from which they then breath from. This method is excellent as one of the home remedies  for colds and flu as it quickly clears the nose of mucus.

It comes down to if a particular method works for you then stick by it and many home remedies have been handed down from generation to generation.

That being said there is no harm in trying new methods to you as there are many trusted home remedies in use that if applied properly and in a sensible manner should cause you no harm. When you have an ear infection the pain can be severe so anything that helps to reduce the pain should be considered.

Here is a  book that is written by a member of the Complementary Medical Association that you may find useful: Natures Amazing Ear Infection Cures

The new methods may not be 100% effective in curing the problem but are surely worth a try. People that can usually cope with pain find that ear infection pain is all together in a different league and can cause a lot of difficulties.

Home remedies have been around and in use by different cultures for centuries and it is only in relatively recent times that there has been an organized medical alternative for people to choose. People relied on what nature provided and at that time there was no viable alternative however nowadays you can go to a doctor for expert advice for your ailment and not rely purely on ear infection home remedies.